100 Huntington Beach Condo Communities

100 Huntington Beach Condo Communities

The city of Huntington Beach has over 100 condo communities. I have made it easy to find ALL these condos – including photos, community features, HOA info, pros and cons, and also pricing.

Find ALL 100 Huntington Beach Condo Communities

Find ALL South Huntington Beach Condos 92646 (Borderline)

View ALL Northeast Huntington Beach Condos 92647 (Inland)

Find ALL West Huntington Beach Condos 92648 (Downtown)

View ALL Northwest Huntington Beach Condos 92649 (Harbour)

For simplicity, I have broken down the City of Huntington Beach into four geographical areas. Rather, four major zip codes (92646, 92647, 92648, 92649).

  • South Huntington Beach – zip code 92646 (Borderline Costa Mesa/Newport Beach)
  • Northeast Huntington Beach – zip code 92647 (Inland Further From Ocean)
  • West Huntington Beach – zip code 92648 (Downtown Area)
  • Northwest Huntington Beach – zip code 92649 (Harbour Area)

Condos and Townhomes Explained

The word “condo” or condominium is synonymous and as a result used similarly with “townhouse” or townhome or even town home. Likewise, “villa” and sometimes attached single family homes such as PUDS (planned unit developments) are also referred to as townhomes. Even more, “bungalows” are sometimes referred to as townhomes.

So one thing that is clear; whether it’s a Huntington Beach townhome or condo they are attached in some form or fashion. This is unlike a detached single family residence or SFR. Which is a completely different discussion. This is very confusing! I know, but so is the English language, right?

I’ve created an online portal to make it easy to search for….. well, let’s call them condos.

Huntington Beach Condos

The long history of the city and how it expanded over the years has provided a very diverse and unique landscape. As a result, this diversity makes Huntington Beach a very desirable place to live. Not to mention all of the unique housing options that have been created.

There’s a wide variety of Huntington Beach condos to choose from. For example, Pacific Terrace is a small gated condo community with just 18 homes and one entrance. Pacific Ranch was built on 40 acres and has 100’s of Mediterranean style homes with amazing grounds. Then, there’s Pier Colony, which is a mid-rise building. It is located on Pacific Coast Highway with ocean views and a great downtown vibe.

This wide diversity of living options can be overwhelming. Remember, there are over 100 Huntington Beach Condo Communities. So first of all, it’s important to identify where in the city you want to live. Next, you need to determine how much you can afford. And lastly, you will need to know how to find the condo you are looking for.

Choosing The Right Condo

Your lifestyle and budget will play an important part of choosing the right condo. So if you are not familiar with the city or the features and benefits of each community then you could miss out on some great opportunities.

I’ve personally traveled to these 100+ Huntington Beach Condo Communities. Even more, I’ve created an informative blog series which outlines each and every one of these condo communities. The goal was to provide valuable insight on each of these locations. Therefore, each of these condo blogs has an easy to read format.

In each of the 100 Huntington Beach Condo Community blogs I outline the following:

  • Community Features
  • Condo Details
  • Photos
  • Condo Prices
  • Location
  • Pros and Cons
  • HOA Information

So feel free to explore this portal. As mentioned, it showcases the over 100 Huntington Beach condo communities.