Condos For Sale Huntington Beach 92649

Condos For Sale Huntington Beach 92649

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Did you know there are over 100 condo communities in Huntington Beach? These include townhomes and condos for sale in Huntington Beach 92649. I have put together an easy to access list of all these homes. This includes the name of the condo complex, the location, HOA info, photos and also current for sale prices.

Huntington Beach Harbour

Huntington Beach Harbour is one of the most desirable locations to live if you own a boat. Many of the townhomes and condos in Huntington harbour are situated so they can maximize water views.

Huntington Harbour has five man made islands. As a result they are connected by a large network of channels. They are:

There are several condos in the harbour that are for sale. Even more, many come with a boat slip. Condos for sale in Huntington Beach 92649 are on and off water. So depending on your price range, you have many options to choose from.

Northwest Huntington Beach is part of the 92649 zip code. This also includes condos in the harbour area and on the water.

View ALL Huntington Beach, CA Condos 92649

The Gables Condos – Built 1980 / 80 Units / Gated / Off Water

Villa Milano Townhomes – Built 1993 / 33 Units / Gated / Off Water

Cabo Del Mar Condos – Built 1983-84 / 288 Units / Gated / Off Water

Bayport Condos – Built 1980 / 80 Units / Gated / Off Water

Fernhill Townhomes – Built 1964 / 120 Units / Non-Gated / Off Water

Broadmoor Condos – Built 1970’s / 244 Units / Gated / On Water

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