Condos For Sale Huntington Beach 92646

Huntington Beach Condos 92646

Huntington Beach has lots of condo communities to choose from. In fact, there are over 100. I have created an easy way for you to view these condos. It includes the name of the condo association, a map location, photos, address and current for sale prices. There are a great deal of condos for sale in Huntington Beach 92646.

South Huntington Beach

South Huntington Beach sits borderline with the city of Costa Mesa as well as Newport Beach. Much of the coastal area of this zip code is consumed by wetland. Therefore, the ocean facing homes are positioned behind the wetlands. So there are no “ocean front” properties here because they sit back further from the beach. However, there is large part of this area that is biking distance to the beach. Also, the location is close enough to the beach to get the ocean breeze 7 days a week.

Huntington Beach condos in 92646 are very desirable. Not only are you close to the beach but you typically get a larger home and more bang for your buck! Making this zip code more affordable without sacrificing location.

Interested in buying a South Huntington Beach condo? If so, I’ve made it simple! Below is a list of all available condo communities and condos for sale in the Huntington Beach 92646 zip code.

South Huntington Beach is part of the 92646 zip code.

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Village Townhomes – Built 1960’s / 306 Units / Non-Gated / Drive to Beach

Seaspray Condos – Built 1978 / 140 Units / Gated / Bike to Beach

Yorktown Villas – Built 1973-74 / 219 Units / Non-Gated / Drive to Beach

Seawind Cove Townhomes – Built 1988 / 109 Units / Gated / Drive to Beach

Surfside Homes by the Sea – Built 1964 / 330 Units / Non-Gated / Drive to Beach

Springhurst Townhomes – Built 1973 / 102 Units / Non-Gated / Drive to Beach

Pacific Shores Townhomes – Built 2014 / 200 Units / Gated / Bike to Beach

La Cuesta Tennis Club Townhomes – Built 1977-78 / 56 Units / Non-Gated / Drive

Huntington Viewpoint Townhomes – Built 1975-76 / 79 Units / Bike to Beach

Cherrywood Village Townhomes – Built 1975 / 70 Units / Non-Gated / Drive to Beach

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